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Kate and Willy’s Big Day: Policing and the Royal Wedding

October 28, 2011

As the outside broadcasting vans rolled onto the Mall and the bunting was hung, measures were taken to ensure that nothing should detract from the spectacle of glorious deference to the Royal family. In a move more fitting of the C17th rather than the C21st, Her Majesty’s law enforcers rounded up and incarcerated suspected Republicans.

The week began with a series of raids on squats and other places dissenters were suspected of assembling. As the week progressed, the streets were cleared of all those who sought to mock our inbred overlords. Professor Chris Knight, partner Camilla Power and Patrick Macroidan were arrested on the Thursday for attempted street theatre:

Accused of  “conspiracy to cause public nuisance and breach of the peace” Knight was held for 25 hours, whilst his home was repeatedly searched. Charlie Veitch was also arrested on the 28th  for the same “pre-crime” and again held for over 24 hours.

The wave of repression intensified on the day itself. Undercover snatch squads operatied in Soho Sq, seizing those who dared to defy the royal edict by singing and dancing to seditious songs:

One young boy was arrested for daring to possess a pen and a troop of zombies were also incarcerated.

In total, during the course of this ridiculous carnival of monarchy,  some 50 dissenters were detained by forces loyal to the Windsor regime. Long live this glorious democracy.


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